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FARKKK i havent been here in ages and all i think about is raging X____X its christmas eve i want to enjoy it like everyone else but why am i not enjoying myself? Why?! its because of that ONEEEEEE ALLNIGHTER… and i’ve been like this since then. So F*king depressing. Want someone to talk too, hate staying in bed all day and do nothing cause that makes it more depressing.



"光燕!!!!" With love, longwindhero.

SUPP lol


><….errr oh…cant do this to myself


Loves it when people stir up so much crap about u..swears at u constantly makes them look as though they can ‘maturely’ talk above you like a grown up adult. Well for your information, dont go swearing at my face and passing on chinese whispers to people to rant about me. You call yourself a grown up woman when technically you dont even know what ‘maturity’ even means. Pick up the dictionary then talk to me. 




owwww thats soufsvuvihdbfgvdfbgddvfvhdbd i love youuuu

cried at this scene T______T~~

OMG i remember this <3

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sometimes [<3] can be so beautiful..sometimes you dont realise the existence at all :(


So im back to blogging again and waiting for my other half to come pick me up..for xmas eve/xmas party with my work matesss will miss you allll >.< Predrinks brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ! Merry christmas guys =) xxx


..so my friends came to visit me at work today! because yes..today is my last day..of working at mangetsu sushi restaurant.. we had our ups and downs…smiles and laughs =] but iam going to miss each and every one of you guys!! ill come back xD…and for my friends…thank you so so so so so much!!! £14 tip is alot.. =D…But most of all thanks to my sis..dan dan for the xmas/leaving presents too…will treasure them forever <3 ^^..

Now looking forward to 24th+ =DDDDD christmas fun get crunk and drunk!