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Newyrsres: Learn how to be happy.

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=) Best Friend - Jason Chen (Official Music Video) (by miniachilles)

fml so many family problems i just want to get my animation over and done with T_____________________________________T

Why isit always me doing the job -_-.. 

"hi inny." With love, keegan4llen-deactivated20130217.

hey love!



isit me or am i starting to get sick of studying in general? :/ I just remembered i got a self evaluation deadline to hand in !!! ><

=_____= 4 hrs of work mood was hyper hyper happy happy. Some one HAD to troll along and ruin it. =_____=


…woah got my first week pay ^^… @ counting down the days , Schedule as follows 

: Save up, Pay off Contract, etc
: Uni Assignments to be completed
: 30th Nov 2009. 2 Years <3
: 5th Dec 2011. Cube concert.


:) teehee

:) teehee


Im stuck with the postmodernism notes, i dont understand any of the language..